DFW Adventure Park’s Great Obstacle Race gives participants a chance to compete alongside other race teams, as well as against our all-time course records, in an exciting 1.5 mile trail race.

• 1.5 mile trail run
• 18+ obstacles and challenges along the way
• 1 zip line after completion of the race
(approximately 40 feet high and 400 feet in length)


While running, you will be tethered to your teammate, so you must work together to complete the obstacles. The course includes wall climbs, low crawls, balance beams, and much more. Our race is perfect for those who are interested in getting into obstacle course racing as a sport, or anyone looking to have fun by staying active outdoors.


• Ages 10+
• Reservations at least 24 hours in advance
• Hydrate adequately before your race, especially in
hot weather
• All fitness levels are welcome, but please know your
own limitations before signing up
• Also follow zip line requirements for riding the
zip line at the end of your obstacle race.
• Signed waiver

Open all day Monday for MEMORIAL DAY

Date:  May 29, 2017
Time:  9am - 5pm