“Teams that play together, work together”

Putting groups of people together in new, fun or unusual settings, in which they depend on each other’s individual strengths and attitudes to work through challenges and problem-solving can have immensely powerful consequences. DFW Adventure Park has the right events to build company culture, increase collaboration, and form bonds between your team members–all while having fun!
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“A game for all ages and abilities”

Laser Combat at DFW Adventure Park is an outdoor competitive interactive shooting game where each player has a laser tag gun (tagger) that emits a light beam when the trigger is pulled. Players try to score points by tagging members of the opposing team.
• No age limit
• Multiple game modes such as Free for All, Capture the Flag, Zombies, among others
• Games can be customized for age and experience
• Great for parties and team building events
• Reservations required
• Signed waiver required