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Wilderness Challenges

Wilderness Challenges take place in the deep woods of DFW Adventure Park. While on the surface, they often appear to simply be "games", the team and leadership simulations that we use are a form of action-learning that serve as powerful "practice fields" to sharpen critical skills for on-the-job application.


 Adventure Learning Activities
 Cutting-Edge Teamwork
 Leadership Concepts
 Powerful Action-Reflection Process
 Spectacular Outdoor Classrooms

Check out our Adventure Packages for your corporate groups, and church/school staff.

"Let us help you turn your organization into a focused, well-oiled machine!"


Programs are customized to the size of the group, venue, length of time, and activities desired.

Wilderness challenges are made up of many different course elements and activities. Check out our Adventure Packages for your corporate groups, and church/school staff.

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