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Game Rules and Requirements

Airsoft is more military simulated (milsim) than paintball. Players are eliminated when they are hit with a bio degradable bb.

Airsoft is held at DFW Adventure Park, Inc. the first and third Saturday of every month from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or by reservation only. Check in is at HQ2.

First & Third Saturdays
  • COST: $20 whole day
  • Age Requirements - Players must be 10 years or older. Players aged 10-14 years old must have onsite parental supervision
  • Goggles - Field approved goggles only (goggles that will stand up to an airsoft pellet OR a paintball).
    • Players under 18 MUST have full face mask and goggles. Mesh goggles are not allowed and full face mask must be hard material (i.e. plastic or metal).
  • Field Approved barrel cover must be in place when not playing (have barrel discipline!)
  • Field approved biodegradable airsoft BBs only
  • LIABILITY WAIVER must be signed (if under 18 yrs old, it must be signed by parent (or guardian)
  • Rental guns are available first come first served for an additional $25 fee. Please note that rental guns are scheduled to be available the first Saturday of each month however exceptions apply so it's best to call ahead at (817) 854-0085 to inquire about rental gun availability for the day you plan to participate.
  • Stay in your designated staging area or field of play (don't wander through a paintball game to take a shortcut)
  • If driving through the main road - KEEP YOUR WINDOWS UP (or your goggles on)
  • Guns chronograpghed to 400 fps
  • Wear a red "dead rag" on your head when out

We want you to be safe and have fun. We are open to suggestions that make things better!

 Sign waiver online

If you prefer, you may print the waiver from our Web site (link below) or get one on the day you arrive at the park to play. Please read the waiver, or if you're under 18 years old have your parent read the waiver, before signing it is a release of liability. Download waiver (pdf)


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